Mammography is a specialised X-Ray technique for imaging the breasts. It is utilised to screen for breast cancer, and to investigate symptoms such as a lump, tenderness, nipple discharge or skin changes.

Lime Radiology offers 3D mammography or tomosynthesis - the latest advance in breast imaging.  As the name suggests, it provides a 3D image of the breast allowing better visualisation particularly of dense breasts.

If you experience breast tenderness prior to your periods, it is advised you attend for the mammogram after your period has finished.

On the day of the examination, please do not wear talcum powder or deodorant as these can interfere with the interpretation of the images.

For patient comfort we recommend you wear two-piece clothing. Please describe any breast symptoms you have to the Mammographer at the beginning of your examination.

The breasts are gently compressed in a specialised X-Ray machine to help obtain a uniform thickness and cover as much tissue as possible.

This may cause brief discomfort but is necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

Our Radiologist will review the images and issue a report. Once completed, the report will be sent electronically to your referring health professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Previous relevant imaging

It is very important you bring previous mammograms to your appointment, so our Radiologist is able to compare with earlier imaging. Minor changes in appearance are of great importance.

When undergoing a mammogram, you will receive a small dose of X-Ray radiation. The benefits of detecting disease are believed to outweigh any potential risks from receiving such a small dose. However, please advise the radiographer if you are, or think you may be pregnant.

30 minutes.