Image & Report Delivery


InteleConnect is a real-time diagnostic image-viewing platform. Unlike InteleViewer, InteleConnect allows patient images and reports to be viewed from any web-enabled device such as a PC, tablet or smart phone.

  • Sign in required with your account details
  • InteleConnect EV displays images and reports side by side for easy review
  • Provides you with notifications of your recent studies
  • Access to patients previous images for comparison
  • Access to Break Glass, which allows you to view studies requested by another doctor, for a more complete history on your patient
  • Browser based – can be used on mobile devices (non-diagnostic) or from home computer if you are waiting on an urgent result.

Click here to access InteleConnect.


InteleViewer is an intuitive, feature-rich DICOM viewer, providing highly customisable toolsets and a flexible interface that allows radiologists to customise their reading and reporting workflow. Installation required.

  • Software needs to be installed and sign in is required
  • Access to all your patients studies and Break-Glass
  • Best for viewing complex studies such as CT and MRI
  • Multitude of tools for manipulation, i.e. Brightness and contrast, zoom, split screen for different views
  • Comparing images with previous studies


To apply for an account, please complete the application form. Our PACS team will review your application and once approved you will receive a confirmation email.


Simply head to the InteleConnect Sign in pageand select ‘Forgot Password?’

  • Launch InteleViewer
  • Select ‘Edit Bookmarks’ on the left-hand side
  • Select +Add
  • Tick checkbox protect bookmark and add custom username.
  • Type in Name: ”Lime Radiology
  • Add our Server URL:
  • Login with your existing Lime Radiology Doctor Portal credentials

No. Once you have a Lime Radiology image viewer account, you can use the same credentials to login to both the browser & software platforms.