Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) involves an injection of your own blood after it has been spun down to acquire a concentration of plasma.

The concentration of plasma is reintroduced into the affected area, whether that is a joint or a tendon, to assist with healing. This treatment encourages the inflammatory process which subsequently helps to stimulate your own body’s healing capabilities.

PRP treatment is commonly used for the management of tennis or golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis, hamstring tears, jumper’s knee or patella tendinosis and achilles tendinopathy. It is also effective in reducing the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.

Platelet-rich plasma has been found to significantly enhance the healing process, improve function, and assist in reducing pain associated with the medical conditions mentioned above.


Advantages of PRP

The key advantages of PRP injections are that they can reduce the need for anti-inflammatories or stronger pain medications. In addition, the side effects of PRP injections are very limited because, since the injections are created from your own blood, your body will not reject or react negatively to them. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the treatment work?

As your own blood is used, our technician will collect approximately 10ml of blood from your arm in the same way that a blood test is taken.

Your blood will then be prepared (or spun) in a centrifuge machine. This process separates the platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the red cells and other blood components.

Under ultrasound guidance, our radiologist will inject the prepared PRP under sterile conditions into the appropriate joint or tendon.


How will I know if PRP would benefit me?

We can determine if PRP would be an appropriate treatment option for you by performing an ultrasound.  You will require a referral from your doctor.


How long will the procedure take?

The procedure itself will take approximately 30 minutes.

We ask that you arrive an hour prior to the procedure for our technician to collect the blood. Once we’ve collected the blood, you are free to leave the department and return at the time of your procedure.


What is the recovery period?

PRP injection recovery time is variable depending on the severity of your condition. You may experience mild swelling or discomfort in the affected area for a few days following the procedure.

Please be aware that because PRP injections are used to promote healing and tissue growth, you will experience gradual results over the weeks following treatment as opposed to feeling an immediate change on the same day that you have the procedure performed.

Long term, PRP injections are designed to alleviate pain through promoting the healing process.

As PRP results vary, a series of one or more PRP injections may be required. This will be determined by your clinician.


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